GreenPartners in Romania

Thursday 24th November 2016 Paddy Noë gave a presentation on behalf of GreenPartners in Romania, to the solid waste department of the City of Cluj.

The general idea was to have a discussion on how to improve the solid waste collection system en include the Extended Producer Responsibility Scheme to increase recycling rates and reduce collection costs.

Decisions in the Solid Waste Collection scheme should be based on measurements. Momentarily no such system is in place in Cluj. This means nobody has accurate numbers on the amount of generated waste (and the source), the waste composition and therefore is not able to design a payable workable source separation system.

Paddy Noë introduced the model of GRIP: Global Recycling Information Platform that could be used to register and monitor the Solid Waste flows in Cluj.

The idea is that GreenParners will write a project proposal to implement such a system in Cluj, and based on actual numbers and benchmarks, good decisions can be made on how to improve the existing system.


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