Mission progress

Date 18 February – 23 February

Anne Scheinberg and Paddy Noë are in Bogota to discuss the progress made in the MARColombia project and to map out the next steps.
This is done in close cooperation with our project partner CEMPRE.
The most important event was the meeting with the Alianza for inclusive recycling, because after finishing the project a hosting organization needs to be in place to continue the work that we started.
We also had a meeting with the ARB and worked out a solution to automatically exchange information between the ARB system and the MARColombia system. When this is working the ARB will also can use the information and analyzing functions available in the MARColombia system, without entering data twice.
The next mission is scheduled in 2 week, Jeroen Ijgosse will come and give support to all pilot project together with the consultants from CEMPRE, Jadira Vivanco and Oscar Ramirez.
Additional events will be communicated as soon as they are planned.


Bogota 22 February
Paddy Noë

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