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Last Mission MarColombia Project

Last Mission for the MarColombia Project.

12 december 1016

After 2,5 years the last mission is in full swing.

Dolphin Solutions is helping the Ministry of Housing to transfer the software code to their servers and database.

Last night (12 December) a small ceremony took place at the Ministry in presence of the Minister of Housing  Elsa Noguera and the vice Minister Harold Guerrero López  and the vice Ambassador from the Netherlands Joris Jurriens.




Three representatives of the pilot projects were present: ARB, Aremapo and Dar el tu mano.











GreenPartners in Romania

Thursday 24th November 2016 Paddy Noë gave a presentation on behalf of GreenPartners in Romania, to the solid waste department of the City of Cluj.

The general idea was to have a discussion on how to improve the solid waste collection system en include the Extended Producer Responsibility Scheme to increase recycling rates and reduce collection costs.

Decisions in the Solid Waste Collection scheme should be based on measurements. Momentarily no such system is in place in Cluj. This means nobody has accurate numbers on the amount of generated waste (and the source), the waste composition and therefore is not able to design a payable workable source separation system.

Paddy Noë introduced the model of GRIP: Global Recycling Information Platform that could be used to register and monitor the Solid Waste flows in Cluj.

The idea is that GreenParners will write a project proposal to implement such a system in Cluj, and based on actual numbers and benchmarks, good decisions can be made on how to improve the existing system.


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Support of the Netherlands

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Transfer of the software to the Ministry of Housing at ACODAL 2016 (Cartagena Colombia)

At Acodal the software, developed in the MarColombia project, was handed over to the Ministry of Housing.
First a presentation was given by Paddy Noë and Jadira Vivanco and afterwards, at the Holland House stand, the ceremony took place.

Solid waste Management 1






Last Mission for MarColombia

From 17/08-30/08, Anne Scheinberg, Jeroen Ijgosse and Paddy Noë, are carrying out the last mission within the MarColombia Project.
Goals is to have a smooth handover from the software that is specifically developed for registering waste separation and recycling, including the added value of the informal sector.
The Ministry of Vivienda Ciudad y Teritorio will take over all software and start implementing it in Colombia.

To give an idea of the software schema, some slides are added:

El sistema1El sistema2

Elemente Funciones 3 Funciones1 Funciones2  Transacciones_1  Transacciones2 Modelokopie


Waste Composition



Mission progress

Date 18 February – 23 February

Anne Scheinberg and Paddy Noë are in Bogota to discuss the progress made in the MARColombia project and to map out the next steps.
This is done in close cooperation with our project partner CEMPRE.
The most important event was the meeting with the Alianza for inclusive recycling, because after finishing the project a hosting organization needs to be in place to continue the work that we started.
We also had a meeting with the ARB and worked out a solution to automatically exchange information between the ARB system and the MARColombia system. When this is working the ARB will also can use the information and analyzing functions available in the MARColombia system, without entering data twice.
The next mission is scheduled in 2 week, Jeroen Ijgosse will come and give support to all pilot project together with the consultants from CEMPRE, Jadira Vivanco and Oscar Ramirez.
Additional events will be communicated as soon as they are planned.


Bogota 22 February
Paddy Noë

Visitas a las Bodegas de los Proyectos Pilotos en Septiembre 2015

Durante la semana de 7-12 Septiembre el equipo de MarColombia visitó a siete bodegas que están participando como proyecto piloto en la primera fase de la implementación de la plataforma MarColombia. Las bodegas se encuentran en Bogotá, Bucaramanga, Cajica, Popayán y Valledupar. Recibimos valiosa retroalimentación sobre el uso de la plataforma de los usuarios del sistema que han comenzado usarla por medio del registro de datos, generación de informes y análisis de los datos registrados.

Agradecemos a los usuarios de las bodegas por su disposición de usar la plataforma y continuar usándolo. Vamos a incorporar sus comentarios y sugerencias en la mejora de la plataforma. Estaremos comunicando con ustedes en las próximas semanas de los mejoramientos de la plataforma con el fin de atender a las inquietudes expresadas.

Muchas gracias,

Cordiales saludos

El equipo de MarColombia

NWMC at the Alcodal, Colombia

NWMC is presenting it self at the Alcodal event in Santa Marta Colombia (9-11 September 20-15)
We will be there for a Master Class Waste Management as part of an RVO (Dutch Government) project.
At the same time we will take part in the match making to see if we can find interested Colombian partners for working with us.